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Spring & Summer

Where To Cool Off & Chill Out...

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Cool inside and out.

Spectacular Summer locations within a short walk, ride or drive.

Lakes, Creeks & Rivers


Getaway from the crowded beaches the blistering sun and scratchy sand this summer and. Spend your warm summer days under the cooling canopy of any one of the magnificent watering holes surrounding beautiful Maldon.

The Loddon River, Vaughan Creek, Genluce Mineral Springs and Lake Cairn Curren are all perfect places to spend a summers day, swim, BBQ, fish, picnic and just chill out in the shade.

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A - Lake Cairn Curran

15 Min Drive

On the edge of Maldon is a favourite spot for locals - Lake Cairn Curren. It provides the full gamete of water sports and social activities. There are beaches, electric BBQ's, seating, fishing, boating, bathrooms and plenty of shaded grassy areas to laze away a warm day.

You can even canoe down the Loddon River into this beautiful lake.

Lake Cairn Curren is one of Maldon's true gems.

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B - Vaughan Glenluce Springs

25 Min Drive

Glenluce Spring features incredible rock formations alongside a pretty creek, wooden tables and a pump tap for collecting mineral water direct from the spring.


This is a great spot for a packed picnic lunch surrounded by gorgeous scenery and amazing bird life.

Glenluce Mineral Spring is a beautiful and peaceful spot along the Loddon River in Vaughan, not far from the unforgettable Vaughan Springs. Vaughan is a short drive from Maldon & Castlemaine and the springs lie within the Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park.


C - Lake Eppalock

35 Min Drive

Lake Eppalock is perfect for water based activities and family picnics. Constructed on the Campaspe River in the 1960s, this vast lake has always been popular for boating and water recreation.

There are so many things you can do at Lake Eppalock, including water-skiing, fishing, boating, swimming, barbecue, picnic and more.


D - Loddon River

30 Min Drive to Bridgewater

Wonderful days can be spent along the length of the Loddon River on its way to Lake Cairn Curren. The Loddon River is rich in Aboriginal cultural heritage, with scarred trees found throughout the waterway.

The safe swimming area also has a seperate section for waterskiing and hosts the Australian Masters in January and the pre-Moomba tournament in February.

Make Each Day A New Discovery 


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SundayHouse - VictorianSun.png
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